FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about how RTIpal can improve your classroom? Take a look at our FAQ below!

What is RTIpal?
RTIpal is an online response-to-intervention tool to help teachers organize, plan and track student progress.

Who can use RTIpal?
RTIpal was designed for teachers, but can be used by administrators, primary-education teachers, specialists and even parents to monitor and track students’ progress.

What does RTIpal do, exactly?
As a user of RTIpal, you can expect the tool to do the following:

  • Help you identify the problem areas of your students.
  • Help you set goals for your students.
  • Provide Intervention strategies that help your students achieve their goals.
  • Provide charts that show student progress, so you can make decisions on how to help your student improve.
  • Generate a report for you to share a student's progress with other teachers, administrators and parents.

Do I have to have a specific grade-level and subject in mind to use RTIpal?
Nope! Every student is different, so we don’t believe in restrictions. RTIpal can be used for grades K-12, in any subject. Currently we have plans and tracking tools for reading, writing, math, study-skills and behavior, but if none of these fit your student’s needs, you’re welcome to add your own and our tool will help you generate a unique plan.

What are the benefits of using RTIpal?
As a teacher, you can expect RTIpal to:

  • Help you to target the problem areas for your students.
  • Help you create effective intervention plans.
  • Empower you with data!
  • Provide evidence to support your practice!
  • Decrease paper work!
  • Access your plan it at any time with our online platform.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up for RTIpal in a few simple clicks. Once you enter your information into our system, we will approve you on our end, and you’ll be ready to start planning!

How much does it cost to join RTIpal and access RTIpal’s resources?
RTIpal is a subscription fee of 3.99 for the YEAR! For 3.99, you can have unlimited access to a database of hundreds of goals and interventions, printable teacher resources, and an online tool to manage and monitor all your students in RtI. Whether you like to manage your RtI plans online or on paper, RTIpal is your RtI assistant.

How confidential is this service?
We know you value confidentiality among your students, so we want you to feel protected when you use our service as well. When you enter your students, you will be using initials only, to make parents and administrators comfortable that this service is really for your benefit only.

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